Friday, June 18, 2010

Rule V Top Ten

Looks like there was a little help available in the Rule V...comments on the top 10:

1. Mateo Cortez, SS (New York): slick fielder with plus range and a cannon arm, can also hit a little. This guy could start on most of the ML teams in this world.

2. Hector Romo, SP (El Paso): decent control, OK splits, and 1 good pitch - could be OK in a LR role.

3. Jesus Felix, RP (Vancouver): a little intriguing because all 3 of his pitches are at least better than average. Dark-horse to be the surprise achiever of this group.

4. Javier Rios, OF (Rochester): nothing spectacular or terrible...pretty solid guy to have backing up at LF/RF/1B. Could get 200-250 AB's doing that plus pinch-hitting ad DH'ing occasionally.

5. Julio Martinez, IF/OF (Santa Cruz): not going to ht enough to see much action; may be relegated to defensive-replacement.

6. Terry Schafer, 1B (Salem): big-power, big-strikeout switch-hitter. Worth taking a shot with your 25th roster spot, but I'm betitng the contact skills are too poor to make him worthwhile.

7. Grant Rivers, OF (Nashville): only offensive skill is the ability to coax a walk, but he could be a good late-inning defensive replacement.

8. Carlton Locko, RP (Burlington): couple of good pitches, but plagued by control issues. Outside chance to surprise, but won't be counted on for much,

9. Fernando Santana, RP (Washington, D.C.): 2 good pitches plus excellent control make him another decent bet to perform fairly well.

10. Tim Scanlan, RP (Syracuse): keep him away from righties, but might work as a vL specialist.

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