Tuesday, June 22, 2010

6/22/10 Update - changes to coach hiring

As most of you know we passed out a survey on 5/17 that involved making changes to the coach hiring process. The overwhelming majority of you wanted to see the loyalty rating significantly increased. With this update we have increased the values so that any coach with a 50 loyalty rating will now stay with your franchise 75% of the time. The percentage increases as the loyalty rating gets higher.

In addition to making that change (we couldn't just leave it at that!) we have gone ahead and included some significant changes to the process that have been
requested heavily for quite some time.The first is the ability to promote your minor league coaches during the rehiring process. You can now promote any minor league coach that is willing to stay with your franchise. Adding this feature has made the page and the UI a bit more complicated so please take your time with it the first time you experience it.

The other included improvement is that fielding coaches will no longer automatically accept bench coach roles. Both roles are now viewed equally, so it will now come down to the value of the contract.

All of these changes should make the process much better and leave you with only a few coaches to sign each season.

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