Friday, June 11, 2010

69'ers, Dwarves Make Season's First Deal

The Las Vegas 69'ers and the Austin Ancient Dwarves have broken the trade ice at the Winter Meetings with a small deal.

The Dwarves, openly looking for catching help, get Vegas' AAA C, Juan Vazquez, in return for their backup CF the last couple of years, Albert Harmon.

This looks like a case of 2 teams trading from strength to fill a specific need. The 69'ers already have 3 excellent catchers on the big-league roster; they liked Harmon's defensive chops and ability to hit lefties as a complement to regular CF Alex Woodson. The Dwarves have a good defensive CF/2B, Braden Forest, chomping at the bit at AAA.

Austin decided it could overlook Vazquez' defensive shortcomings to get his bat into the lineup against righties. He isn't a power hitter, but makes good contact, is murder on righties, and has an excellent eye. Team sources confirmed they're still on the lookout for another C.

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