Thursday, June 10, 2010

Live, From The Grand Ballroom of Harrah's Hotel and Casino...

in beautiful downtown Shreveport, LA, we bring you the opening of the Joey Belle Season 16 Winter Meetings!

New Owners This Season

In keeping with our tradition, the first event of the Winter Meetings is the introduction of new owners by the previous years WS Champ (rlahann of the Oakland Surenos, for the 2nd year running):

Starting in the AL, our only new owner is an old owner. tk21775 previously piloted the Jacksonville AL East squad for two-and-a-half seasons, and rejoins us after a brief absence. tk has 31 HBD seasons under his belt a recent WS win in Mauer.

Over in the NL, we start in the North, where gwvsjohn has taken control of the old Trenton Trogs and moved them to New York as the Necromancers (love the name). gwvsjohn brings 7 seasons of experience in Fingers and Major Leagues.

Next, we move on to the East, where we have 2 new skippers. z0601 took over in Jacksonville last season and is our resident newbie (1 season in Belle and into his 2nd season in Fingers). Last year, z obliterated the league record for most questions asked to the commish in a mere half-season (that's a good thing, z).

Our other new NL East boss is slonneman, who, in a mildly ironic reversal, moved the Indy team to Baltimore (the Orioles). slonneman has completed 26 HBD seasons and has WS titles in Moneyball and F.Y.C. (2 of 'em).

In the South, enterprise takes over from original owner jiml60 in Mexico City and has re-christened the team as the Red Devils (kinda like the sound of "Diablo Rojos" myself, but then again, I live in Texas). enterprise has 14 seasons to his credit, most accumulated in The Sandlot.

In the West, Fresno gets a makeover as the Santa Cruz Radicals (not the Bannana Slugs?!), courtesy of RubeRant. Great, an even more pitcher-friendly ballpark for Kennie Frascatore. RubeRant is the "dean" of our new owners, with 41 HBD seasons, and a WS title in The Sandlot.

Welcome, new owners!

Winter Meeting activities for today: budget resolution.


  1. My team will specialize in giving new life to old players :)

  2. Who the hell scheduled our meetings for Shreveport?! I demand to be put on the board to determine future sites for our Winter Meetings!