Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday's Trades

Syracuse and Salem made a curious (at least on the surface) trade today. The Warriors shipped LF Elroy Gant and cash to the Goonies for 2 minor leaguers - SP Dario Simmons, a Season 12 supplemental pick (#49) who is a marginal ML prospect; and Eugene Rocker, a Season 13 sandwich choice (#42) who might see a little ML action as a vL platooner.

Gant was the 3rd overall pick (by Toledo) in the Season 4 draft and has an .826 OPS over 8 ML seasons. He signed with Syracuse as a free agent last year and has a season left on his contract. He'll likely start in LF for Salem.

The move fueled speculation among the Warrior fandom that a shakeup is on the way. There's no obvious LF replacement on the ML or AAA roster, although the team has ample payroll room for free agent signings.

The Necromancers and the Victory also made a small trade today. New York picked up a defensive SS in Matthew Guerrero, sending P Angel Brogna to Vancouver. Guerrero won't hit a lick if he see the majors, but could play a decent SS. Brogna isn't likely to rise above AAA.

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