Tuesday, June 15, 2010

2nd Day of FA Signings

Looks like most of the remaining A and B free agents are biding their time, seeing how hard they can play bidders against each other. Just a couple of contracts today:

Boise inked 2B/OF Vance Carter for 4 years at $5.1MM a year. Carter has a little pop (20+ HR's a couple of times) and is competent against lefties, but has trouble with righties. Not particularly well-ranged or sure-handed at 2B, he's likely to see mostly OF action.

Pittsburgh shored up the pen with a 2-year, $6.8MM deal for Johnnie Hernandez. JH has yet to really put it together in his 6-year ML career. He has good control and good enough splits, but suffers from up-in-the-zone-itis and poor command of his #2 pitch, a curveball.

Syracuse jumped into the FA fray with a surprise (1-year deal for a Type A) signing of RP Sherman Morris. Morris hasn't suffered any ratings deterioration to speak of, but has struggled the last 2 years in Cincinnati. The Warriors are hoping the change of scenery revives his career. This signing has a lot of pundits thinking they're confident of signing another Type A.

While we probably won't see any mega-deals rivaling osme form the last few years, we will see some contracts tomorrow that will affect the competitive balance. Among the pitchers, Humberto Roque and Kyle Bradshaw are still considering their options. The top position players still available include SS's William Kwon and Ivan Ruiz, 3B Sean Hines, C Pat Ramirez and 2B Roy Drew.

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