Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Well, it's not like you even have to "get out". Just vote!!

Here's how I see it, for what it's worth.

In my view there are 5 candidates clearly worthy of induction and 3 more in the conversation:


Phil Kimura: Basket full of awards and monster numbers for a guy who played a lot of SS. I can see the objection that he pooped out at an early age (33 was his last year), but his accomplishments are still deserving I think.

Alex Ramirez: Perhaps a tad short on awards, but 480 (in 10 seasons, at that) dingers for a middle infielder is pretty compelling.

Luis Seanez: toddcommish has made the case for him convincingly. The argument against him is that he didn't get enough wins and didn't win a Cy Young (which is essentially repeating that he didn't get enough wins). Wins are hugely affected by factors other than how a guy pitches. When you take a close look at his qualitative stats, he has without a doubt compiled the 3rd-best career of any SP in this world.

Dick West: .334 lifetime BA, 2 MVP's, and a bunch of other awards. Easy call.

Rob Romano: I keep asking myself if I can really vote for a guy who only played 6 and a half seasons. Then I look at those seasons...3 MVP's (1 of 3 players... and CostelloLeon are the others), only .400 season in league history, career leader in OPS, on and on. Best hitter in world history...he's gotta be in.

Rico Nunez: 3 GG's and 3 Silver Sluggers at SS, plus 417 career homers...pretty good.
Steven Vaughn: 3 Cy Young is pretty convincing.
Thomas Sparks: Just 1 CY, but in every qualitative measure he was better than Vaughn.
I wouldn't have an argument with any of these guys I don't think...will revisit next year if they don't get in this season.

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