Monday, June 21, 2010

Necromancers Win Bidding For Delgado

The New York Necromancers took a huge rebuilding step today, signing Dominican uber-prospect Ricardo Delgado for a $24 million signing bonus.

Delgado already has major-league power at age 21. Give him a few seasons and he'll be one of the game's top power hitters. He looks like he'll have better contact skills than your typical slugger, and will handle LHP with no problem. Defensively, he projects to good range and a plus arm for a CF. His glove might be slightly lacking, but with his bat that's minor concern. His durability is already good, and he could possibly grow into a Ripken-like ironman.

While it's conceivable that Delgado could hit in the majors right now, New York has elected to have patience and start him out in High A. Don't be surprised if this guy smashes some minor league batting recordsand shows up in New York in only a year or 2.


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