Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 3 FA Signings

Augusta (3 Type A's) and Baltimore (3 Type B's) were the most active teams on the final day of the Free Agency period, and El Paso handed out the biggest contract.

William Inoue, SP - 2 years, $6.7MM: big ballpark is to his liking
Victor Perez, OF - 3 years, $10.35MM: solid lefty bat settles into RF
Diego Coronado, 1B - nice signing at 3 years, $11.1MM
The Polar Bears also got a bargain in re-signing Roy Drew for 2 years/$9.8MM, giving them effectively 4 Type A FA signings.

Horatio Valdes, RP - 2 years, $5.4MM: Birds make a nice deal for a solid reliever
Herm Carasone, RP - 2 years, $4.47MM: more bullpen help
Ryan Adcock, C - 2 years, $4.2MM: punch vs. LHP and a good compliment to Zurburan

Sean Hines, 3B - 3 years, $22.5MM - good stick for the Warrior lineup; probably moves to LF

Ivan Ruiz, SS - 5 years, $57.1MM: you can tell you're in a highly competitive world when the defensive SS's get paid
Humberto Roque, LR - 3 years, $17.9MM: Criminals bag one of the few good pitchers in ths year's class

El Paso
William Kwon, SS - 3 years, $35MM: could he win a GG if he moves to 3B?

Pat Ramirez, C - 3 years, $22MM: will help both the lineup and pitching staff immensely

Jacob Martin, SP - 1 year, $1.15MM: former #1 seeks injury comeback

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