Wednesday, June 30, 2010

3rd Superstar IFA Signs

The IFA Gods are smiling on Belle this season.

Baltimore has shelled out a new-league-record $28MM bonus to ink Dominican lefty starter Ariel Chantres.

Chantres is a fireballer who is young and raw, but looks to have a huge upside. Scouts say he'll eventually have good success against both righty and lefty batters, and expect him to develop 4 competent pitches. He already keeps the ball down well. If any part of his game is suspect, it's his control, but given good coaching and training support, it could grow into the "effectively wild" category. He looks like he'll have outstanding stamina and durability...he'll throw a ton of innings and at least threaten (maybe obliterate) strikeout records.

The $28MM signing bonus paid by Baltimore surpasses the previous-record $24MM mark given by New York this year (Ramiro Delgado) and El Paso in Season 14 (Ramiro Fuentes).

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