Saturday, June 12, 2010

Karn Evil 9 Corral Murray

The El Paso Karn Evil 9, seeking to vault into NL South contention, have acquired veteran infielder and 4-time All-Star Tim Murray from Jacksonville.

In return, the Jinxed get Benito Leon, a 2B/CF defensive specialist who could also steal some bases if he gets on enough; Alan Bigley, a SP who was a Season 12 supplemental pick; and Ted Ramsey, an OF and Season 14 2nd-rounder who will likely enjoy a long AAA career.

Murray is a 13-year veteran with 313 home runs to his credit. He's been a 2nd baseman for most of his career, but patrolled CF for Jacksonville last year and picked up his 2nd Silver Slugger award.

This looks like a good deal for both teams. El Paso gets a nice bat without giving up very much, and Jacksonville gets a couple of players who, while they won't lead the team to the promised land, will be competent and can contribute for many years.

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