Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Skidd22 Sounds Off On FA signings, PIT's Chances

(by Skidd22, GM of the Pittsburgh Alleghenys)

I thought I could stay under the radar and still be a player in the Free Agent market this spring.

I hoped to get 2 out of the 3 players I targeted and lo and behold, due to somebody trying to save some money, all 3 fell into my lap. I had given up on Brogna until somebody backed off their bid and I was in the lead for 1 negotiation session.

I recognized that tactic and adjusted my bid slightly and after I fell out of the lead next session - bingo, the SIM Gods decided I was worthy. Brogna and Cota are perfect offensive players for the park I play in.

Lim has some risk but with the pitchers I have coming in a little while he doesn't have to carry the staff. As far as Cerda, Cruz and Wanatabee, they will probably begin the season in AAA and if the big team seems to be competitive offensively, they could be early season call-ups. This is 1 season earlier than I planned on, but the players available were great fits for me and I couldn't anticipate the same types of players being available next season.

The beauty part of the whole scenario is that I spent significant money in bonuses this season, which I could afford and my salaries are not going to be a burden in the coming seasons.

I will be able to add another big player next year if a desirable becomes available. My competition in the east is formidable and we have no delusions of being able to win the division. However if we get off to a good start and find the appropriate promotions are warranted, we just might compete for a wild card spot this year. Next season however watch out for us!

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