Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Blog polls

Will We See Another Max Contract This Year?
In our first blog poll, 6 (33.3%) voters said they thought we'd see another max contract this Free Agent Season, while 12 (66.7%) said it wouldn't happen. The yea's were probably focused on last year's precedent-setting contract for Victor Morales; the nay-sayers pointed to D.C.'s failure to reach the playoffs after signing Morales and a much bigger supply of quality players in FA this year.

One way or another, we'll know something by Wednesday PM2 at latest.

What Do You Think of Lim's FA Contract With Pittsburgh?
Should be an interesting spread of opinions on this one. The Alleghenys could promote their 2 star SP prospects (former #1's D'Angelo Cerda and Jung Wanatabe) and instantly have a "Front Three" of their rotation that would rival anyone's. At 5 years averaging right at $10MM a year, the price doesn't seem crazy for a top starter.
On the other hand, Lim's health rating has been steadily dropping and was never that great. Plus, Pittsburgh skimped on training and medical this year to pump up scouting, go after an international, and obviously, snaer at least 1 big FA.

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