Thursday, December 17, 2009

Early IFA Haul

Following last year's international bust season, we've already seen two big-time IFA signings before Season 14 starts.

El Paso gets Ramiro Fuentes, SP - $24MM signing bonus. A 20 year-old Dominican, Fuentes features very highly-developed splits and pitches (first 2, anyway). His stamina and control could benefit from some minor-league development, but he probably could pitch well in the majors now. The nine have started him in AA...he projects to be a very high-level ML pitcher (several All-Star Games, maybe a CY candidacy or 2).

Las Vegas gets 1B Miguel Rios - $17MM signing bonus. Rios is quite advanced for a 20 year-old...he could hit well in the majors now. He'll ultimately be a dominant masher - .300+ and 40+ HR's a year. He's clearly better from the right side (he's a switchie), but should still be quite good when hitting lefty. Top it of with a very good batting you have a multiple-time future All-Star who could easily win an MVP or 2.

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