Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Alleghenys Nab Lim

Day 2 of Free Agent signings kicked off with one of the headliners, Kaz Lim, inking a 5-year, $50.25MM deal with the Pittsburgh Alleghenys. Jacksonville and Fresno also signed pitchers, while Ottawa grabbed a backup C.

Pittsburgh gets SP Kazuhiro Lim - 5 years, $50.25MM. 126 wins, 3.11 ERA, and 4 rings over 11 seasons in Charleston. A bold stroke. Might be a long shot, but if the Alleghenys could nab a wild card berth, would any team relish facing the 3-man rotation of Lim, Jung Wanatabe, and D'Angelo Cerda? If there's doubt about Lim it's with his relatively low...and steadily eroding...health rating. Pittsburgh's paltry 10/8 training and medical budgets make this an even bigger risk. But I still love this move. Grade: A

Jacksonville gets RP Patrick Shaw - 2 x $3.0MM. One big year as a closer (3.26, 45 saves for Austin in Season 8), but otherwise, his career ERA of 4.46 gives a good idea of what the Jokers can expect. An OK price for a middle-of-the-road reliever.
Grade: B

Ottawa gets C Nash Gray - 1 x $1.665MM. A capable backup for Zach Holzemer. Grade: B

Fresno gets RP Dwight Long - 1 x $3.32MM. I know his health is suspect and his ratings are plummeting (the Grizzlies' well-funded training and medical staff will help out there). He can still help, and for minimal cost and only a year commitment. Grade: B+

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