Wednesday, December 9, 2009

FA Heads For Conclusion

Belle's FA signing period will wrap up later today. The big news will be the new cities for several top names, but the real story may be the bargains signed after Spring Training starts. Looks like there are lots of good players out there dropping their demands, and not enough teams in the market. Stay tuned.

Nashville gets RP Pedro Fernandez - 2 x $4.3MM. Workhorse-type reliever with a 4.28 ERA over 10 seasons. Look for 100+ innings this year for the Ramblers. Grade: B+

Oakland gets RP Bobby Anderson - 1 x $2.845. Yeah, he had a bad year last year...after 5 straight good years. And this will be the best pitcher's park he's played in since Season 8. Good shot at a pleasant surprise here. Grade: A

Rochester gets SP Cesar Mendez - 4 x $5.4MM. 87 wins and a 4.66 ERA over 8 seasons. Marginal splits somewhat offset by good gb/fb and 3 plus pitches. He'll get a lot of innings, and no doubt a lot of them will be quality. Watch out for the move from big bllaparks to a neutral field. Pretty nice buy overall. Grade: B

Oakland gets RF Matty Marrero - 2 years, $9.6MM plus a $4.2 mutual option. This is the signing that signals the excess of supply over demand. Former All-Star and Silver Slugger with a careeer .870 OPS signs for what a middling setup man usually commands. Grade: A

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  1. I'd drop Mendez to a C, but move Fernandez to an A-...great signing.