Monday, December 7, 2009

1st Day Of FA Wraps

The early stage of free agent signings wrapped up with Trenton and Fresno getting in on the action:

Trenton gets 1B Terry Kent - 4 x $5MM. "Mr. Enigma" gets a 4-year deal that could prove a bargain, IF he can live up to his prodigious potential. We should be seeing Season 10 (.295/28/110) every year, but too often we're getting Season 11. Trivia question: How does a guy slug .393 and still drive in 122 runs? Grade: B+ - I think he'll figure it out and have a couple of .900 OPS seasons in this contract.

Fresno gets SS Terry Owen - 2 x $5.4MM. Nice signing for a .300-hitting SS and a nice compliment to the young talent arriving in Fresno. I know he's not the best defensive SS in the league, but he's not bad and his backup will offer good late-inning D. Grade: A

Fresno gets CF Al Pulido - 2 x $5.2MM. The Grizzlies continue to shore up defense. Pulido can be a useful player...he'll be a pinch-hitter, pinch-runner and backup OF. But he's a CF - he isn't going to start over Pascual. Do you spend $5.2 MM for a backup? Grade: C+

Fresno gets 2B Sandy Weston - 3 x $6.2. Grizz pick up a young second sacker. He's been a decent hitter for a 2B, and should be OK defensively. The Grizz lineup is filling out nicely. Grade: B

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