Sunday, December 6, 2009

interview with mdukes13

JBT: What will it take for you to "three-peat"?

mdukes13: To three-peat will require luck above all. There are so many good teams in the league that that’s true for everyone, really. Last year the Katanas had a legendary season and I had a horseshoe stuck up my ass to get past them, then had to come back on an excellent Syracuse team with one of the best starting staffs I’ve ever seen. I’ve built a pretty good nucleus but it’s starting to erode (Billy Ray Hernandez and Ivan Maranon are leaving this year in free agency, for example) so I am trying to plug some holes and hold on for a couple of years. I’ll need some big years from guys like Costello, Collier, McCorley and the like with solid contributions from everyone else to have a chance.

JBT: Did you devise any special off-season training for Wilson Costello to get a "Bounce-back" season?

mdukes13: No, I don’t know what happened to him last year or how to change it this year. Every player has down years and I assume last year was one of Costello’s. He's still fine ratings-wise so I expect a bounce-back.

JBT: Who's your top pick for "breakout player" on the Holes this year?

mdukes13: Hard to pick a breakout guy because I’m not introducing many new players these days. Don Burns is going to get all the playing time he can handle and I hope he can keep up last year’s numbers, and I’d also like to see Carl Serrano take a little step forward.

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