Thursday, February 5, 2009

Welcome to Season 11 of Joey Belle

Welcome to Season 11 of HBD world Joey Belle!! Several new things have happened this season already. For one, Blanch13 has taken over commissioner duties from Jiml60, this was due to time restraints. Another is this blog, and if you want to contribute please send your commissioner a wonder note. Several new owners have been recruited but we still have 3 to go at press release time. We had 10 to replace at one time, but 1 relented and returned. At rollover it was expected that we only needed 6 but things happen and some had to leave our wonderful world due to other commitments.

At this time we would like to extend the Welcome Mat for the new owners.

emily6802 - Scranton Schrutes
bigdaddysalm - Madison BUTCHERS
specimen - Chicago Cosmos
mlatsko1 - Syracuse Orange Crush
bapu3285 - Wichita Wingmen
kenter16 - San Francisco Super Sonics
cosborn - Charlotte Gooners
chadrader - Kansas City Cattle Herders
reggie988 - Trenton Tunnel Rats
flipdog0 - Portland Opossums - well actually moved team from Seattle in the end

If you are new to HBD and are worried, don't be. It is a quite involved game for sure. However, we have taken the time to provide training classes along the way to help you out. So stay tuned to the blog for these items. If you run into something you do not understand, please feel free to ask questions in the world chat. Answers can also be gathered or asked in the HBD forums.

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