Sunday, February 15, 2009

Top 100 Preview - Who's #1?

Haven't done much analysis yet, but on first cut it looks like our #1 will come from the following 6:

Rob Workman (SP, Washington D.C.): last year's #6 pick sports a wicked sinking fastball, a fall-off-the-table curve and precise control. He dominated the rookies last season and moves up to HiA this year. Barring injury, it looks like he could arrive in The Show by late next season.

Clarence Marte (SS, Charlotte): top pick last year makes great contact, has a good eye, runs like a deer and catches everything. His only-average power is hardly a complaint; range and arm might be for a SS, but his offense will more than make up for them.

Juan Gomez (RP, Las Vegas): He's got the best stuff of any pitching prospect - devastating splits, great control and 2 superb pitches that sink like bricks. The only question is, can he be considered a better prospect than a fulltime player or starting pitcher?

Carlos Escuela
(SS, San Francisco): How did this guy slip to #7 (last year)? Big power, great splits, good glove. Similar to Marte defensively - not the ideal shortstop but his bat will keep him there for a dozen years.

Charlie Cosby (SP, Richmond): Projects to be a workhorse, 250-innings ace. Features an explosive knuckle-curve that unfortunately (and inexplicably) rises - the only flaw in the repertoire of Season 9's 3rd pick.

Bailey Johnson (SS, Sioux Falls): Doesn't have the glove or speed of the other 2 top SS
s, but has better power than Marte, better contact than Escuela, and a better arm than both. Season 7's #1 pick got a 10-day cup of coffee last year and takes over at SS for the Presidents for a long time.

Carlos Escuela

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