Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Preseason Guess

A new season awaits everyone, barring last minute changes, Foxy Phil (the prognosticators of prognosticators) has chosen to say if he sees their shadow or not. Last years wins = (xx). Several things can and occur during that could turn every thing topsy turvy, so hold onto your caps because here we go. The division order is what the numbers say, don't ask because I won't tell.

AL North
Cincinnati Waste Managers (77)
Columbus Criminals (86)
Syracuse Orange Crush (85)
New York Moguls (83)

This division was brutal last year and it looks the same this year. Columbus is not going to give up the crown easily and the others will have a big say also.

Al East
Cleveland Katanas (117)
Trenton Tunnel Rats (73)
Wichita Wingmen (58)
Washington D.C. Revenge (58)

Cleveland has it all but you never know when and where the injury bug will hit.

AL South
Jackson Holes (102)
Little Rock Pebbles (99)
Charlotte Gooners (75)
Richmond Poor Men (86)

Jackson looks real good, so do the others. It could get very interesting before seasons end.

AL West
San Diego Surf Babies (68)
Boise Posse (79)
San Francisco Super Sonics (72)
Portland Opossums (85)

San Diego looks good, just not sure they are cut out for the stadium. That could leave the door open for any one of the other three.

Offensive Power
1. Cleveland Katanas
2. Charlotte Gooners
3. Columbus Criminals
4. Jackson Holes

Pitching Power
1. Jackson Holes
2. Cleveland Katanas
3. Richmond Poor Men
4. Little Rock Pebbles

The Playoffs could be like so:
#1 Cleveland Katanas
#2 Jackson Holes
#3 Cincinnati Waste Managers
#4 San Diego Surf Babies - Phil really likes Boise here
#5 Columbus Criminals - Phil likes Charlotte here also
#6 Little Rock Pebbles
#7 Charlotte Gooners

NL North
Sioux Falls Stoned Presidents (69)
Chicago Cosmos (100)
Scranton Schrutes (71)
Madison BUTCHERS (88)

Phil thinks the Cosmos will take the division with everyone else tied for second regardless of what the numbers say.

NL East
Philadelphia Phillies (86)
Burlington Lake Monsters (91)
Kansas City Cattle Herders (73)
Toledo Mud Hens (77)

A four way fight for the division crown, that is the way it is suppose to be.

NL South
Charleston Apologists (96)
Nashville Kool Kats (100)
El Paso Sand Walkers (61)
Austin City Limits (64)

Phil says either or as the rebuilds have a ways to go yet.

NL West
San Jose Bad News Bees II (78)
Las Vegas 69ers (99)
Oakland Surenos (82)
Tacoma TIE Fighters (64)

This one is tough to say, Phil still likes the 69ers but the numbers however odd it may be favor the Bees, but lets not forget Oakland. Tacoma will enter the fray also after a long talk with the seamstress paid off.

Offensive Power
1. Chicago Cosmos
2. Toledo Mud Hens
3. Charleston Apologists
4. Las Vegas 69ers

Pitching Power
1. Nashville Kool Kats
2. Kansas City Cattle Herders
3. Charleston Apologists
4. Las Vegas 69ers

The Playoffs could be like so (more like up in the air, Phil says flip a coin and you might get closer).
#1 Charleston Apologists - Phil says that Nashville and Charleston could swap places.
#2 Burlington Lake Monsters
#3 Sioux Falls Stoned Presidents - Phil likes Chicago here
#4 San Jose Bad News Bees II - Phil really likes Las Vegas here
#5 Nashville Kool Kats
#6 Las Vegas 69ers - Phil thinks Oakland here
#7 Philadelphia Phillies / Chicago Cosmos / Kansas City

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