Monday, February 23, 2009

Before the First Pitch

It is time to prepare for the first pitch. This is a check list to make sure you don't forget the most important items. It seems every season someone forgets one of these.

1. Make final roster moves.

2. Check management console and make sure that no AI settings are on and you can click the RECS buttons at all levels if you want.

3. Check Lineup to ensure proper lineups are the way you want them.

4. Check Pitching Staff to make sure rotation and bull pen are set the way you like.

5. Check Player Rest, Defensive Replacement and Pinch Hitting hierarchies.

6. Check pitcher settings (TPC, MPC, inning available, call pen)

7. Check manager settings, especially innings/runs for replacements and rest.

8. Yell "Play Ball!!!!" just for the fun of it and get stares from anyone around you.

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