Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rule 5 Draft Results

I was expecting a bigger draft class even with slim pickings . Did people forget to set the target count? Several teams protected the max of 40 players which rules them out of selecting with the catch-22. Only 17 players drafted which is the least I have ever seen and the fewest pitchers also. Looks like most went for specialty players with specific attributes. So here is the first round draftees.

1. Felix Embree, LF, El Paso Sand Walkers wanted a speedy lead-off hitter and will give him a chance.

2. Ernie Romero 1B, Tacoma TIE Figherts wanted a hitting 1B and has the possibility to shine.

3. Valerio Cerveza, P, San Diego Surf Babies could do well at home.

4. Mateo Pulido, C, Sioux Falls Stoned Presidents took the best catcher in the draft, weak defense, good PC, decent hitting.

5. Humberto Navarro, SS, Charlotte Gooners could become a good defensive utility bench player.

6. Ozzie Kim, LF, Oakland Surenos could become a good for average hitter.

7. Ralph Young, P, Portland Opossums were surprised and got probably the best starting pitcher available but pitches are weak.

8. Jed Dunham, 2B, Columbus Criminals picked the best defensive 2B available but could turn out to be a project.

9. Raul Hernandez, 2B, Madison BUTCHERS wanted a speedy lead-off hitter also but 2B is a big stretch.

10. Juan Estrada, RF, Charleston Apologists wanted a speedy lead-off hitter also and this kid could fill the bill.

11. Brandon Stone, 2B, Las Vegas 69ers selected a speedy defensive utility outfielder and 2B.

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