Sunday, February 8, 2009

Spring Training

1. Players not on the 40-man roster or Spring Training invitee must be added manually using the Spring Training Squads drop down.

2. Pitcher setup can be handled several ways. Some like to use a tandem rotation and some use a six man rotation. I use either, just depends on my mood. The object is to get starting pitchers about 8 to 10 innings worth of work in and relievers 5 or more. The best way to do that is to limit the pitches. For Starting Pitchers, I set TPC to either 35 or 40 and MPC to 40. I don't want them throwing too much. Long Relievers I set TPC to 25 and MPC to 30. Setup A, I set TPC to 15 and MPC to 20. Setup B, I set TPC to 10 or 15 and MPC to 15 or 20 depending on the pitchers stamina.
If I have two or three prospect Starting Pitchers, I use the tandem. When using tandem, you cannot have any regular rotation pitchers set and you must have an A and B tandem for each before it will accept it. I also never use a Mop Up (ok, I rarely use a Mop Up ever) in Spring Training. This will allow more pitchers getting into games.

3. Position players should get 20 to 25 AB's for starters, I set them to Rest once they reach that plateau. I usually rest them for the rest of the games and maybe use them as pinch hitters every now and then. Starters are usually done within the first 8 games to 10 games. If I want to see how a major prospect plays, I will start him in a game or two with the big boys.

4. Set the managerial settings to the 7th inning or less and runs to 1 or two, this will allow more players into each game. It is also a place to set some of the other setting to aggressive also if desired and see how players react.

5. Don't forget to set the Player Rest, Defensive Replacements and Pinch Hitting settings.

6. After Spring training, You will need to change the pitchers TPC and MPC to their regular season settings. Don't forget to set the Player Rest, Defensive Replacement and Pinch Hitting. Or you can click recommendations in the Management Console, then you can go through and change them manually after that. And most importantly don't forget to reset the Manager settings for regular season.

Note: Catchers normally only get about 15 to 20 AB's except for the power hitting ones and I set all extra to rest so they play the entire game. I watch the innings played, which is about 40 to 50. The power hitting catchers I also use as a DH so they get more AB's that way.

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