Saturday, February 21, 2009

Spring Training Awareness

We are fast approaching the last 6 games of the Spring Training season. It is time to look at your players to determine if they have enough playing time. You don't want to over play them before opening day though because they don't get to rest by the way. So starters should be very close to their AB's and IP's so they can rest a couple days before that opening pitch.

Some things to be aware of at this point. Young position players on the ML roster may have the AB's but do they have the actual field work? What you can do is call up their player card, click on Statistics and change it to Spring Training and Fielding. This will tell you how many innings a position player has had in the field. I check to see if they have had 50 to 60 innings of playing time in the field. If they are short, I will give them another start. Could help on an opening day improvement bump, even with minor league invitees that have the AB's.

With pitchers, you don't want them pitching in the last Spring Training game. Also you don't really want a blue chip pitcher starting on the last day either, wouldn't you rather save him for opening day?. Careful analysis should be used for that last Spring Training game.

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