Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Winter Meetings Commence

Joey Belle kicked off the Joey Belle Winter Meetings with a rousing welcoming speech in the Grand Ballroom of Harrah's Hotel in downtown Shreveport, LA (hometown of both the league namesake and its beloved commissioner). Session 1 was devoted to introducing the league's new owners:

rugby1 comes to us with 5 years in LOCO and 4 in Wrigleyville. He's a Syracuse native and describes himself as an SU and Yankees fan. I overlooked that last part of his application. He'll be piloting the powerful Syracuse saltine Warriors of the NL North.

tk21775 is a relative newcomer to HBD but has already made his mark in 5 worlds, including New Guys where he was accused of making too many trades. He takes over the rebuilding Jacksonville Jokers of the NL East.

dakar moves into the driver's seat in El Paso with the Karn Evil 9. He has 4 years' experience each in Roy Hobbs and LOCO.

skid22 has 19 seasons and a WS title under his belt. He becomes the 2nd half of our Rebuilding Challenge (along with tk21775) as boss of the AL East Pittsburgh Alleghenys.

wsdude takes control of the Nashville Music City Ramblers of the AL South (note to AL: tack another mopup man onto your staffs this year...there will be some major offense this year). He has 4 seasons in Cal Ripken and another 4 a ways back in Greenberg.

Last but not least, fequreshi has moved the Supersonics southeast to become the Tucson Sidewinders (more offense). He brings a total of 20 HBD seasons to the party, most recently 6 in American Baseball Union.

A hearty welcome to all our new owners!

The Winter Meetings will resume in a couple of days after all the agents arrive. Meanwhile we get to sample the Shreveport nightlife and have passes to visit the set of "Straw Dogs" starring James Marsden and Kate Farnsworth, currently filming at various locations in the Shreveport-Bossier area.

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