Monday, August 31, 2009

More Free Agent Signings

Vic Pascual CF - Tacoma, 5 years/$37.5MM. The TIE Fighters grab a big upgrade in CF as they try to get into the NL West mix. Pascual's the best defensive CF in the league (3 Gold Gloves) and a perfect fit in Tacoma's monstrous outfield acreage. While he's not a superb contact hitter, he does have some pop (four 30+ HR seasons) - a big bonus for any CF and especially for such a defensive game-changer. Best bargain in free agency so far. Grade: A+

Fausto Cedeno LR - Burlington, 4 years/$30MM. Cincy used him as a closer, where he seemd to seing between great seasons (like last year) and dreadful seasons (like the year before). Scouts note nothing terrible or exceptional about him - exactly the kind of ratings that produce the Jekyll & Hyde effect. Given that he's likely to have 2 good and 2 bad years during this contract, have to go with Grade: C

Patsy White RP - Oakland, 2 years/$7.2MM. White bounced around until landing in big-park San Diego, where he thrived as a part-time closer. Oakland's park isn't as big as SD's, but it'll do. Patsy has great control and features a forkball that's especially tough on lefties, but he occasionally gets it up in the zone. Most of the contract is bonus; White will be virtually free to Oakland next year. Grade: B+

Luis Piedra 3B - San Diego, 2 years/$10MM. San Diego jumps in big with a 2-year deal for the multiple All-Star, Gold Glover and Silver Slugger former Katana. His power number are likely to be down in Petco, but he's still one of the top 3B's in the league. Only because of hte price tag, I give this one a Grade: B

Abdul Gload C - San Diego, 4 years/$20MM. The Surf Babies strike again, nabbing the switch-hitting former Apologist. Good deal on the surface, as Gload is still a very good hitter. But if there's ever such a thing as a "veteran presence/clubhouse chemistry" guy in HBD, Gload and his multiple WS titles is it. Grade A

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  1. I can't believe Paschal went as cheap as he did...crazy good signing.