Sunday, August 30, 2009

Trades, Trades and More Trades

The first day of free agency and agents are staying busy informing players of their new addresses. I don't know if this is a record trade pace but it sure feels like it...

Ottawa gets: 3B Quilvio Suarez, IF/OF Jack Kinney and SP Raul Arias
Syracuse gets: SS Brad Hart and RP Felipe Seneca
The Saltines may have soured on Arias and his gopher balls; the Ice see good command, 3 good pitches and more room to grow. Syracuse adds another good-hitting IF to the SS/3B logjam. Suarez could find a place in the Ice lineup, while Seneca seems destined for another AAA year with the Warriors.
Crystal Ball says: look for a lot more trades from Syracuse to sort out that overpopulated infield.

Richmond gets: RP Dutch Pavano
Little Rock gets: DH Darrell Damon
The Poor Men continue to peel off prospects for bullpen help. Pavano has 33 saves and a 3.91 ERA over 7 ML seasons; he'll (apparently) be one of many setup men for Jacob Franklin. Damon's a bit short on power for a DH, but makes good contact. He'll at least compete for some DH AB's for tte Pebbles.
Crystal Ball says: Richmond must know something about short relievers the rest of us don't.

Syracuse gets: MiL C Patrick Herman and MiL RP
Mexico City gets: 3B Aramis Espinoza
Saltines dump a big salary while making room gor Clarence Marte. Espinoza's a nice bat who slides right into 3B for the Desperados.
Crystal Ball says: freeing up $9MM works for Syracuse; what they buy for that, plus Marte, will help them forget Espinoza in about 5 games.

San Jose gets: SP Bernie Tejada
Nashville gets: MiL SP Carlos Vincente
The Ramblers get rid of $6.5MM, which San Jose inexplicably takes.
Crystal Ball says: Maybe the Bad News Bees are looking for a replacement for Javier Mendoza; Tejada ain't it (with Craig Hague on the way this year to boot).

Pittsburgh gets: MiL SS Esmailyn Osuna and MiL IF Neifi Javier
Tucson gets: 1B Alex Paniagua
Alleghenys dump a big salary. The Sidewinders take on a big obligation, but Paniagua can still rake.
Crystal Ball says: Tucson looks at the AL West and says it's there for the taking; more big moves coming.

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