Monday, August 31, 2009

D.C. Maxes Morales

The Washington D.C. Revenge made Victor Morales the richest man in Joey Belle today, signing the 27 year-old to a 5 year contract worth $100MM in salary with a $10MM bonus - the max possible compensation to a free agent.

Morales signed an IFA contract ($11.8MM bonus) with the Augusta Alliteration (Now Trenton) in Season 4 and made his ML debut in Season 5, hitting .273 in 112 games. Over 8 ML seasons he has a .917 OPS and numerous awards (including last year's MVP), and a World Series win with Trenton in Season 6.

As for the Revenge, they've been building patiently since Season 7 and won 98 games last year but were upset by Boise in the first playoff round. 4th in runs scored last year, they now take dead aim at both Cleveland's perennial spot at the top of the offensive rankings and its AL East Crown.

It's not entirely clear where Morales will play for D.C. (RF?), but wherever it is he immediately becomes their best player, face of the franchise and team leader.

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