Monday, August 31, 2009

Catching Up On Trade Notes...

San Diego gets: 3B Omar Deleon, LF Brian Overbay, and OF Alex Calvo
Rochester gets: C Melvin Vina and RF Brad Wise
Rochester upgrades defensively at C, although Vina may not be the hitter the departed Buzz Arnold (FA deal with Nashville) was. Wise was a highly-regarded #5 pick (Season 5) who has yet to put it together. The change of scene to a better hitter's park can't hurt. San Diego gets 3 players who will get good playing time in return for 2 who were expendable due to younger replacements. Crystal Ball says: great trade for both teams.

Toledo gets: 3B Everett Joseph
Nashville gets: LR Rafael Benavente
The Ramblers continue to shed payroll and get a crafty veteran who can still give you some good innings. The Mud Hens add another nice player in their quest to catch Burlington. They do seem to have 5 3B's on the roster, though, so the dealin' ain't done in Toledo. Crystal Ball says: both teams did well with this trade - Joseph will be an upgrade at 3B for the Hens.

Nashville gets: C Pedro Prieto
Austin gets: RP Danny Hernandez
Prieto was stuck behind Alexander and Linden in Austin; he calls a good game but can't throw it back to the pitcher, much less to second base. Still, he'll be a good backup to Elder. Hernandez starts in AAA for Austin, but will get the call should former Fireman of the Year Benito Rivera (4.80 ERA last year) falter again. Crystal Ball says: minor, but beneficial for both. Prieto has more impact this year.

Mexico City gets: 2B Bartolo Trevino
Nashville gets: SS Clyde Simon
This one doesn't make sense on the surface, but there's something more there. The Desperados trade one of the top offensive SS's in the game for a 2B who's not as good (off or def) as existing 2B Pedro Guerrero. But he's a lot cheaper, suggesting Guerrero may be on his way out the door. Plus, CF Ryan Shelley is being shopped. Starts to look like after years of chasing Charleston (and only catching them once, in Season 10), Mexico City is entering a rebuilding phase. Simon doesn't necessarily fit with Nashville's rebuilding plan, but they may be able to move him for more at the deadline than they just gave. Crystal Ball says: plenty more to come for both teams, but it still works for both.

Oakland gets: RP Clyde Jackson
Syracuse gets: AAA OF Yeico James and RP Carl Hume
The Surenos get a quality (albeit slightly expensive) bullpen guy. The Warriors have good bullpen depth, so I could see dealing one. But I'm not sure they got value. Presumably James is the prime piece, but his glove isn't good enough for CF and his bat is marginal for either COF. It's possible his real projections are way better than I see, but with his best development years behind him, I can't see him growing into much of a factor from where he is. Crystal Ball says: OAK gets the nod.

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  1. Check Jackson's durability...he can throw 175 innings if he's used right. I'm hoping for a non-traditional starter.