Monday, August 10, 2009

NLCS - Surenos Force Game 7

Facing elimination, Oakland put a 14-1 pasting on defending champ Charleston in Game 6 of the NLCS, setting up a 1-game showdown for the National League Crown.

The Surenos have now won 2 straight elimination games.

Wilfredo Feliz walked to open Game 6 but was then caught stealing - basically the highlight of both the inning and the game for Charleston. 2 walks, 3 singles and a Lefty Owens grand slam later, Oakland was up 6-0 and this one was already over. Joe Rivera added 2 homers, and Joe Hodges and Daniel Grace held Charleston to 6 hits.

The Joey Belle Times caught up with Oakland GM rlahan after Game 5 and got some juicy quotes about both league title series. On being in the NLCS: "Humbled to even be on the same field as Zach. Really appreciate him letting me to go the WS eight seasons ago, and I'm hoping he's feeling equally charitable this time around."

On the ALCS: "On the ALCS? Sure. Congrats to Jackson on a dominating performance. Crump, that one was for the Stamp Act."

NLCS Game 7 runs in the next AM cycle. Likely starters are Kyle Bradshaw for Oakland and David Wilson for Charleston.

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