Sunday, August 30, 2009

How To Post Player Links To The HBD Forum

To help with the "Belle Turnaround Challenge" post on the HBD Forum, I've been teaching (rather ham-handedly, I must admit) skid and tk how to post player links to the forum. When I was figuring out how to post a few seasons ago, I remember having to ask about 12 times and always getting cryptic I'm falling victim to the "it's difficult to provide explicit instructions for what you know how to do" phenomenon.

So here's my attempt to very explicitly explain how to post player links to HBD Forum:

Step 1: navigate to the player card of the player you want to post

Step 2: locate the URL (the "address" of the player card) - in the window right above the player's name

Step 3: put your cursor just to the left of the "http"

Step 4: left-click your mouse and drag the cursor across the URL until it's all highlighted

Step 5: now right-click your mouse; a window will come up - left click "copy". The URL is now saved. (alternately, you can left-click "Edit" in the top row and then left-click "copy")

Step 6: go to your post...when you get to where you want to put in the link, put your cursor there, then click the "sideways U" button (link button).

Step 7: a window will come up asking for the "hyperlink text" - type in the player's name

Step 8: left-click "OK" - another window will come up asking for "hyperlink URL". There will be a "http://" highlighted in the box - just leave it highlighted

Step 9: right-click your mouse and click "paste" - this will put the correct URL in the box with the right path (http:// etc).

Step 10: left-click "OK" and left-click "update post"

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