Saturday, May 2, 2009


Well, we know who is up for the major awards, but how about the lesser awards or the "Umpires Fickle Finger of Fate Awards" or for some, those who might find a job serving flapjacks next year.

Umpire Frustration Pitching Award: Sherman Terrell kept the the umpires busy with "Take Your Base", the safe signal and the ever present home run signal. 2-11 record, 119 Walks, 32 Home Runs and 113 Earned Runs.

Umpire Loser Award: Ray Barnes with a 5-19 record tops their list.

Umpire Iron Pitching Award: Albie Rivera kept trying to impress but never got any support with his 13-16 record and 254 innings of work.

Umpire Busy Award:Milton Starr kept the tired umpires hands and voice busy with a 14-11 record but surrendered 254 hits, 32 home runs and 74 walks in his 224 innings of work. Albie Rivera actually gave up the most hits but Milton gave more hits per IP. Carlos Gonzalez was a very close second.

Umpire Tired Twirl Award: Edwin Hill wins the undubious distinction of giving up 44 round trippers.

Umpire Ball Four Award: Teddy Nelson wins the award with 111 though Sherman Terrell led the honors with 119. They said that Sherman actually begged not to win another award for this season.

Umpire Bruiser Award: Julian Pierzynski, Cory Mitchell and Vic Lee all tied at 16. That is a lot of bumps and bruises on some players around the league.

Umpire Duck Award: Was not awarded to an individual this year as they awarded this unlucky distinction to the Sioux Falls Stoned Presidents pitching staff.

Umpire You Can't Do that Award: Stevie Petersen with 4 balks.

Umpire Iron Hitter Award: Alex Cruz wins this great award with 640 AB's and a .228 average.

Umpire Theftless Award:Christopher Booker for getting caught 21 times stealing in 35 attempts. He blames it on his teammates for all those missed hit and run signs.

Umpire Strike Three Award: York Wilson led the way with 165 strike outs.

Umpire Bruised Award: Andrew Page who stood on the plate too many times with his frail body and got hit 18 times.

Umpire Your Up With 1 Out Award: Chris Fontenot who hit into 50 game ending double plays.

Umpire Ground Assault Award: Andrew Recchio made contact over 500 times and may never have hit one in the air.

Umpire Air Assault Award: Sean Hines who made contact about 300 times with about 90% being in the air.

Umpire Patience Award: Timothy Shields for his 4.02 average number of pitches per plate appearance and 117 walks.

Umpire Be A Stick Award: Tomas Gonzales with 594 AB's, 131 strike outs and a .229 average.

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