Saturday, May 9, 2009

Braggin' Rights Invitation

To: blanch13 and all of World "Joey Belle":

So many worlds say "We're elite" or "We're the next elite world" and now you can prove it. Come join the "World Battle" for "Braggin Rights," a World vs. World Competition League. (For more see MLB Hardball Dynasty World Classifieds, Braggin’ Rights - Unique with openings)

The concept:
8 worlds with 4 representatives each battling it out in ONE world. A war of the worlds so to speak! One "captain" from each world will be responsible for filling the other 3 spots, 3 other representatives from his world! 1 Rep in each division (North, South, east , and West) Come join! A great opportunity to establish world credibility, but most of all to establish "braggin' rights" as an elite world.

I have only sent this challenge to a few worlds that I have heard may want to join, and who are worthy. So consider World "Joey Belle" challenged! ;)

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