Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rule 5

The recently held Rule 5 draft was just held. Although there wasn't any real superstars in the draft, there were some good players available. Most teams shied away from pitching as there wasn't much to choose from and most solidified there bench. Overall there was 38 players taken with the Indianapolis Sluggers taking the max allowed with 10. The Augusta Polar Bears lost the most players with 5. Only 15 teams drafted which could be a record and only 9 pitchers also. The question always remains of how many will hit the WW before the end of ST.

1. Christopher Earley was taken with the first pick by the Wichita Wingmen. A LF with some decent hitting abilities.

2. Esteban Fuentes was next on the list drafted by the El Paso Sand Walkers. A young defensive SS with some power but health could be a problem to be an every day player.

3. Phillip Woods drafted by the Rochester Phantoms. A defensive 2B with singles hitting ability, but health could be a major problem.

4. Harley Ripken drafted by the Richmond Poor Men. Listed as a RF but that could be a stretch. Maybe the best hitter available.

5. Trent Lewis drafted by the San Diego Surf Babies. A left handed SP pitcher with weak control but could work out in San Diego.

6. Charlie Sampson drafted by the Portland Bar & Grillers. A COF that could find a home in Portland.

7. Ivan Guerrero drafted by the Trenton Troglodytes. A RF with some power but little else.

8. Juan Lopez drafted by the Washington D.C. Revenge. Probably the best overall defensive catcher available.

9. Eric Petersen taken by the Augusta Polar Bears. A RF with some hitting abilities.

10. Andre Johnstone taken by the Austin City Limits. Has some good pitches for a starter but could be a little too weak with the splits and control combination.

11. Jeremy Lara stolen from El Paso by the Charlotte Gooners. Has the speed, eye and maybe the splits to be in the lead off spot but don't look for a very high average. His temper gets him in trouble alot but has a good glove and some range for a COF spot.

12. Charles Clayton also thieved form El Paso by the Indianapolis Sluggers. After I saw him drafted, I wondered why I didn't protect him, then it dawned on me he is only a bench warmer. Is a good prime position backup but doesn't possess the greatest hitting skills.

13. Sherry Drese drafted by the Las Vegas 69ers. With velocity like that, I wonder if she rolls the ball across the plate?

14. Miguel Bautista drafted by the Columbus Criminals. A power LF, but I don't think 30 HRs a season is in his future.

15. Reggie Bennett drafted the Nashville Kool Kats becomes the last player drafted in the first round. A 2B/OF with some power, a great need for the bench.

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