Thursday, May 7, 2009

Roll Over

There are 5 Worlds scheduled to rollover on the 9th and no others scheduled before or after at the moment. If you didn't know, a World's rollover depends on the cycle when the WS finishes. A rollover happens at the beginning of the next cycle which is normally a half hour earlier than the actual cycle. Two of the worlds finished on the AM cycle, one will roll at the AM 1 cycle 2 update, the other will be pushed to roll at the PM 1 cycle 2 update, the third will roll at the PM 2 cycle 2 update. I do not know if they use the Season/World number to determine who goes first or not in case of ties which is our case. If we get pushed a day till the 10th, then we should become one of the three teams to roll on that day (actually there will only be two available). If I remember right, a team that that gets pushed will rollover a half hour before the next cycle update in most cases.

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