Thursday, April 30, 2009


Jackson Holes vs Cleveland Katanas
The Katanas swept by Little Rock. The Holes escaped close calls with Charlotte. The season series was tied 5-5. The classic match up between number 1 and 2. Expect more 1 run games as the series should go 7 games. Cleveland is favored due to home field advantage.

Las Vegas 69ers vs Charleston Apologists
The Apologists fans held their breath against the feisty Herders. Did that 5th inning injury do KC in? The upstart 69ers, well I predicted an upset anyway, slithered by Chicago in 4 games. The season series was 6-4 in favor of Charleston. Can the 69ers pitching hold the Apologists at bay in Charleston is the question. An opening split will give Las Vegas a much needed boost. Charleston should be heavily favored but may need to pull a rabbit out of the hat to win in 7.

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