Friday, April 24, 2009

Last Day of Season

It is the last day of the season! One of the things I do on this day is to sign my remaining draft picks regardless of how good they are. After doing that I look at the remaining Internationals to see if there is anything that could help next year. More or less it is a way to spend unused cash sitting around doing nothing. One never knows what one may stumble upon by accident by doing this. Though it doesn't have to be done today, it is the day I normally do it.

I always keep my Rookie roster full at the end of the season after promotions if I can, that way I have a player pool to draw upon for next season to handle unforeseen retirements in the upper levels. Also by doing that, I don't have to be quite as picky needing to pick up certain players during the draft next season and allows flexibility for the draft requirements.

Many ask why I do it. More or less it keeps them in the system to have more assets to draw on for next year. Not just me either, some will hit the waiver wire next year or maybe even this year as I will soon go through my teams to waive unwanted players. Doing this helps supply and demand for all, especially the low minors and really doesn't cost much. Many of those will become Free Agents next year.

When I go through my rosters I keep in mind several factors that determine who I release and I keep it at a minimum. Normally I take all players that doesn't have a chance to make it more than one more level that has a bad health rating or players that have a tendency to hit the DL often. I also look at the number of years they have under their belt and the level they are playing at and their capability to advance in the system. These guys usually have a tendency to retire in the off season anyway.

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