Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Around The Horn

The AL:
The Columbus Criminals have stolen their way into a comfortable 10 game lead in the North. New York and Syracuse still hold hope of catching them.

The Cleveland Katanas have already bought a new display case to hold their newest East division trophy.

The Jackson Holes have a comfy 14 game lead in the South and are eying the #1 seed which has Crump123 a bit upset.

The Boise Posse have the lead in the West for the time being, for how long is another story. San Diego, Portland and San Francisco could catch fire and make a run.

The Little Rock Pebbles currently have the inside track to one of the wild card spots. The Charlotte Gooners have the lead for the second spot but there are a host of others that could take it away.

The NL:
The Chicago Cosmos are lazily heading to the North title boasting a cloudy 20 game lead.

Kansas City Cattle Herders have the lead in the East, but the three other division foes are figuring ways around the roundup.

The Charleston Apologists have said they are sorry for winning, but that is the way it goes and with a 7 game lead in the South. The Nashville Kool Kats may have other things to say before it is over.

The Las Vegas 69ers have licked their opponents into a 6 game lead in the West. Oakland and San Jose are in position to make a run.

The Nashville Kool Kats have the first wild card spot pretty well wrapped up if they can't catch Charleston. The second spot could also be taken by a host of teams.

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