Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Study in Disparity?

I am not sure there is a disparity within the league after doing about an hour or so of looking around. The standings may show there is, but what I see is a few power park and neutral park teams in first place and more or less the rest beating each other up. What I came up with is mostly about the parks. The standings tell me most teams are not matching up with their home parks well. There isn't that many power parks in use as there are more true neutral parks. Negative parks, especially in the home run department are more prevalent. The league leaders report tells me there isn't many home runs being hit and doubles are more prevalent because of this. The good pitching is actually spread out pretty thin except for Cleveland. Defense is odd in the fact the number of double plays turned only shows a difference of just over a 100 between the worst and best. Normally, teams with the fewest errors have the least amount of double plays by the way. I guess fewer runners create fewer opportunities, but that doesn't seem as disproportionate here as in other worlds.

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