Tuesday, April 28, 2009


The Wild Cards prevailed in the AL while the Division winners prevailed in the NL.

Little Rock Pebbles vs Cleveland Katanas
The Pebbles got here by sweeping Boise in the first round. Cleveland of course was the best of show in the AL. The Katanas own the season series. Expect the games to be close with Cleveland heavily favored. This could be the upset special in the AL.

Charlotte Gooners vs Jackson Holes
The Gooners won 3 of 4 from Columbus to advance. Jackson was the second best team in the AL. Jackson won the season series but had problems with the Gooners in Charlotte. If Charlotte can split the opening two games, it could put Jackson in a Hole. Expect the series to go 5 games with Jackson favored.

Kansas City Cattle Herders vs Charleston Apologists
The Herders beat Nashville in 5 games to get here. Charleston was best of show in the NL. The season series was handily won by Charleston. Expect the heavily favored Apologists to win in 4 games.

Las Vegas 69ers vs Chicago Cosmos
The 69ers swept Austin to get here. Chicago was the second best team in the NL. Chicago won the season series. Expect a tough 5 game series with Chicago favored. Upset special in the NL.

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