Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tucson Makes A Bold Move

The Tucson Sidewinders, off to a good start and perhaps thinking they can end the AL West race early, have obtained veteran "professional hitters" Jose Vargas and Willie Magadan from the Austin Unhinged Chaloupas.

Austin had been platooning Vargas and Magadan in RF, but had recently been actively shopping both players to AL teams. Magadan, 33, is the Belle single-season HR record holder with 73 in Season 5, and is #5 on the all-time list with 443. This season, he's hitting .400 with 5 HR's as a vL platooner. Vargas, 30, returns to the franchise he spent the last 4 years with, although the new park will be more to his liking. He's a .312 lifetime hitter with 393 career HR's. This year, he's hitting .342 with 7 HR's.

Austin gets AAA pitching prospect Eduardo Pena and veterans Shawn Waterson and Sting Helling. Pena was an IFA last season who projects to be perhaps a #3 starter. Waterson and Hellig were just in the deal to make the salaries work, although Helling will take over RF for the Chaloupas this season.

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