Thursday, September 24, 2009

San Jose, Tucson Add Arms

Prospective contenders are starting to add pitching. The latest deals:

Tucson gets:

LR Enrique Camacho - rookie features very good control and an excellent changeup; like many lefties, he has his problems with righty hitters.

Sioux Falls gets:
2B Edgardo Vazquez - 3rd-year pro is developing pretty good contact skills and still has a couple of years to improve. Projects to be a major-league hitter but defense may limit him to 1B/2B/LF utility duty.
LR Ted Bennett - looks like he'll fall pretty far short of projections, but with 2 good pitches and a 3rd that's decent, he could see ML action.

The skinny: Camacho's the kind of guy who seems to pitch well every other year; Tucson's hoping his first is the good one. If not, he's no worse than most of what they have. The 2 prospects the Presidents got aren't great but could be contributors.

San Jose gets:
SP Carl Benson - lefty with excellent stuff who has never quite put it together in Cincy. Nice change and 4-seam fastball, and tougher on righties than most southpaws. He's had control trouble in the past...he'll need to cut down the walks in the Bees' smaller yard. No disastrous injuries yet, but fragility is a concern.

Cincinnati gets: SP Matty Maduro - last year's #18 pick has a long way to go, but IF he develops well, could be a very good ML starter. Already has a big-league slider, and projects to grade A control and splits. Health is a concern - barring injury, he'll eventually surpass the guy he was traded for.

The skinny: San Jose was likely counting on a Craig Hague promotion to stay in touch with Oakland; his injury forced a move. The Waste Managers are running up the white flag too early imo, but they landed a very nice prospect here.

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