Friday, September 4, 2009

Rule 5 Top 5

The pickin's were slim in the Rule 5 this year (a good thing); still, some talent always slips through and there are the inevitable surprises. Here are our top 5 picks in the Rule 5 this year:

#1 - Indianapolis, Dan McCartin LF - a .329 hitter in 4 minor league seasons, he's best suited for 1B or LF. Not great at making contact, but adequate power, splits and eye. He could help Indy this year, but the Sluggers have enough 1B and COF types - McCartin may end up as part of a deal for a CF or 3B.

#2 - Jacksonville, Everett Remilinger SS - also a 4-year minor leaguer (but none above HiA), he'll be an all-over utility man for the Jokers. His bat will be good enough against lefties for a year or two, and his defense will be excellent everywhere but SS and CF (and good enough there).

#3 - Pittsburgh, Matthew Haas LR - Haas was a first-round pick in Season 9 (#28) who has had decent success in the minors, but hasn't pitched enough to fully develop. His command of 4 pitches has always been the intrigue - the question is whether that's enough to overcome those 50's splits. We'll see this year...he's getting a shot with the Allegheny's.

#4 - Tucson, Glenn Moore RP - has midling-good splits, 2 very good pitches, and keeps the ball down. The biggest knock on him is his control, but I think it'll be OK. Probably the Rule 5 pick with the best shot at having a good ML season.

#5 - Tacoma, Alfredo Everett OF/1B - 2nd-best pick in the Rule 5. His splits and eye aren't great, but he'll make decent contact and has some power. Tacoma's position players are much improved this year, so he may have a hard time getting PT; when he does he could see action at 1B, LF, and (in a pinch) 2B.

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