Thursday, September 17, 2009

Surenos Shore Up Pitching

Oakland has obtained starting pitcher Rusty Glynn from Richmond for utility man Rafael Macado. Glynn is a 2-time All-Star who has 153 wins and a 3.86 ERA over his 13-year career. His best year was Season 7, in which he went 20-4, 3.35. It's not clear yet what Glynn's role with Oakland will be, but several of their starters have struggled early on.

Macado is a 27 year-old power hitter whose role has diminished in recent years with the emergence from Oakland's farm system of players like Wilfredo Feliz and Erubiel Maduro. His best year was Season 9, with 35 HR's and 89 RBI. It's likely he'll see PT at a number of positions; his bat will be a welcome addition to a lineup that has stuggled in the early going. Macado may eventually settle in at 1B, where the legendary Skip Leon looks like he's nearing the end.

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