Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tucson GM Speaks Out On Trade

The JBT caught up with Tucson GM fequrshi this morning to get his comments on the big trade with Austin:

JBT: You had a chance to re-sign Vargas...why didn't you?
fequreshi: He was asking for $7MM a year, he could really only be a DH, and I thought I could get a position player who cold slug.

JBT: You're off to a pretty good start...how do you see the division now?
fequreshi: My preseason goal was 90 wins - it's a stretch goal. More importantly, I feel 81 wins takes the division.

JBT: Why did you make the trade?
fequreshi: I guess my reason for making the trade is the success both Vargas/Madagan are having in part-time duty in Austin (Dell Diamond). They have 30 RBIs combined in part-time duty while my current 1B & DH have 30 RBIs combined in full time duty. With my weak pitching, an extra run or 2 offensively could make the difference in every game.

JBT: What roles will Vargas and Magadan play for the Sidewainders?
fequreshi: Vargas will replace the young rookie Ray Krause at DH. Madagan will play 1B replacing Treinidad Sanchez.

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