Wednesday, September 16, 2009

First Power Rankings

A few surprises in our first Top Ten. Ranked by (first) W-L and (second) run differential.

1. Hartford: Katanas are OPS'ing .982 as a team. That'll get you the top spot even if your pitching hasn't come around yet.

2. Burlington: 22 RBI for Theodore Beckett - another team slugging its way to the top of the rankings.

3. Washington D.C.: Morales is earning his pay so far with a .434/8/18 start.

4. Mexico City: somebody's doing it with pitching - the Desperadoes are sporting a .99 WHIP and a 2.54 ERA.

5. Oakland: Another .982 team OPS - 2B Joe Rivera paces the league in HR's, RBI.

6. Syracuse: 3rd in ERA, 4th in runs; balance...what a concept!

7. Madison: surprising Badgers are 3rd in hitting and 6th in pitching. 6 players over .300 and 6 pitchers under 4.00.

8. Nashville: 2-1, 2.57 start for Luis Martinez; it's pitching and D in Nashville as the Ramblers have only 2 errors and 3 unearned runs.

9. San Jose: Balanced power: Bees have 5 players with 5 HR's.

10. Charleston: Apologists 6th in both runs scored and ERA?

11. Jackson: The Champs' pitching is fine but they're in a collective slump - last in runs scored.

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