Sunday, March 1, 2009

Who is Hot and Who is Not

Normally this is a 10 game update, but I be a game late, oh well things happen. So who has had a great start to the season and who has struggled?

It would seem that the start of the season looks a little whacky, but are they?

Madison BUTCHERS - After losing their first two games on the road has stormed back to take the division lead in the North as they swept El Paso in their home opener.

Philadelphia Phillies - Has jumped out early in the East, but the current series with Toledo could determine how things could go in the division.

Nashville Kool Kats - Swept Austin to start, but had problems with division mate Charleston then swept Scranton. Currently duking it out with El Paso in early division matches.

Tacoma TIE Fighters - Eke or is that eeking out wins could be a way of life, rumor has it they may change their name to X Wing Fighters next season so they can be sure to be on the winning side.

Toledo Mud Hens - The rooster is crowing but their current series could play an important pecking order down the line.

El Paso Sand Walkers - The biggest surprise so far in this young season, even to me.

Oakland Surenos - Tied for first in the West, could be a long season of flip flopping between the front runners.


Sioux Falls Stoned Presidents - A team I thought would challenge is struggling.
Burlington Lake Monsters - Won the division last year, nothing has gone right so far.
Austin City Limits - Plays well in the home confines, but the road has led to a flat tire.
San Jose Bad News Bees II - Have stung themselves with bad play.

The teams in the AL seem to be opening a wide gap early, will that hold or will things start to smooth out is the question.

Syracuse Orange Crush - Has carbonated to the lead in the North even though the home confines has been so-so.

Cleveland Katanas - The WS champ wannabe is off and running already for another run.

Jackson Holes - Last years runner up has jumped out early in the South, they looked in their rearview mirror and see trouble approaching however.

Portland Opossums - Wasn't sure if Portland was a good home but has been kind so far as they have jumped out to the West lead.

Little Rock Pebbles - After losing 2 of 3 to Jackson, they have to win to keep up and so far so good.

San Francisco Super Sonics - Struggled early in pitchers parks but have since gone on to a 5 game win streak.

Cincinnati Waste Managers - Losing 6 in a row and can't win at home has the GM scratching his head.
Trenton Tunnel Rats - The tunnel has collapsed and is filled with water, what to do.

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