Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Push or Pull

The Push/Pull rating is probably the least most looked at rating of any position player. What does it mean exactly? The information says that a 0 is a dead pull hitter, so 100 would mean the exact opposite or dead opposite field. Basically, it is a hitters tendency and determines where the ball goes when contact is made about 80% of the time.

Chart for right handed hitter vs right handed pitcher
0-49 is hit to left side
50 is hit up the middle
51-100 is hit to right side

Chart for right handed hitter vs left handed pitcher
0-49 is hit to right side
50 is hit up the middle
51-100 is hit to left side

Note: This chart is in a simplistic form and can be broken down even further to determine which fielder will be involved in most cases.

For switch hitters and left handed hitters all you need to do is think opposite or watch the box scores as to where they hit the ball against different pitchers to get the hang of where it is going to go.

Whether the ball is on the ground or is in the air depends on several factors but mainly depends on the hitters power and the pitchers FB/GB ratings.

If you have a hitter that is about a 15 or 85, he will be hitting to/over the infield gaps. About 30 or 70 power alley hitters but at the SS/2B in the infield. 50 of course would be right up the middle.

Does this really matter all that much? Actually I am not sure myself. It might if you have a weak power hitting team and run aggressive on hit and run.

Here is question that everyone can debate: Why is the range and glove of a 3B need to be so great while that of a 1B is so little?

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