Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Who Is and Who Isn't

It is that being 20 games into the season. Who started playing ball, who stopped and maybe who is still struggling.

NL Hot:

Chicago Cosmos 7-3 - Caught the Butchers to create a tie for first in the North.
Philadelphia Phillies 7-3 - Jumped out to a five game lead in the East.
Charleston Apologists 9-1 - after a slow start has gotten hot and moving to the front fast in the West.

NL Not:
Toledo Mud Hens 2-8 - Suddenly so cold in Toledo that the bats froze.
Austin City Limits 3-7 - Just can't get it going.
Sioux Falls Stoned Presidents 3-7 - Low point losing to Austin.

AL Hot:

Columbus Criminals 7-3 - Caught the Crush for a tie in the North.
Cleveland Katanas 7-3 - Blades of steel knocking everybody down while cruising to a 9 game lead in the East already.
Jackson Holes 7-3 - And almost lost the lead in the South.
Little Rock Pebbles 8-2 Bam Bam here we are tied in the South.

Al Not:

Wichita Wingmen 1-9 - They came at us from all directions, the first place teams that is.
Washington D.C. Revenge 1-9 - We couldn't beat Trenton?

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